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SURVEYING Books and References

November 6, 2011 by hodcivil · 5 Comments · Recommended Books

SURVEYING –  I  & II   Books and References

1. Surveying by Ravindra Gautam  , Ardent publications New Delhi ( UTU Syllabus coverd)

2. S. K. Duggal, Surveying and Levelling, Vol. I and II, Tata Mc Graw-Hill

3. B.C Punmia, Surveying, Lakshmi Publ. 1994.

4. Arora, K.R., “Surveying”, Vol. I & II Standard Book House, Delhi,

5. T .P. Kanetkar & S. V, Kulkarni, Surveying and Levelling Part I and II Pune Vidhyarthi Griha Prakashan

6. Chandra, A.M. “Plane Surveying”, New Age International Publishers, Delhi

7. Kennie, T.J.M. and Petrie, G., “Engineering Surveying Technology”, Blackie & Sons Ltd., London, 1990.

8. Lillesand, T.M. and Kiefer, R.W., “Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation”. – for Section Unit   Total station

9. N.N.BASAK, Surveying and Levelling, Tata McGraw-Hill

10. P. A. Longley et.al., Geographical Information Systems (Vol.I and Vol.II), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – for Section Unit   Total station

11. A. M. Chandra, Plane Surveying, New Age International Publishers

12. S.K.Husain, M.S.Nagaraj, Text book of Surveying, S. Chand and Company

13. Chandra, A.M. “Higher Surveying”, New Age International Publishers, Delhi

14. Schofield, W, Engineering Surveying, Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford

15. Bannister, A. and Baker, R., “Solving Problems in Surveying”, Longman Scientific Technical, U.K., 1994.


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